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Ya for sure!

When heavy demands are made on us which we do not feel cqapable of meeting, a vampire can appear in a dream. We are figuratively being “sucked dry”

Often fear of emotional and sexual relationships can be represented in dreams as a vampire.

Life threatebubg evil is represented by the vampire in dreams. However, it may be that the dreamer has a rather fantastical outlook on the realms of evil and some reservation could be applied to their thoughts.

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WOW @ tumblrdatinggame(.)com WTF is this.. my little brother's roommate is on this and I think I saw you too lol
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Ive never signed up for it

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So this is a picture of my best friend Natasha. I love her with all my heart. (What inspired me to write this? A creamsicle and good music!) So i started getting this sugar rush and then Billie Jean came on …and i put 2 and 2 together…and this is the results.

I just thought i would let you know that i love you with all my heart! You have always been there for me and You can not imagine the immensity of love my heart holds for you. I just wanna run around with a big smile on my face because i know i have you as a friend.(Or because i have a wicked awesome sugar rush….)

So i just want to let you know that i want you in my life for the rest of my life. And know that if you ever get cold you can always take a shower at my house ;) Love you TASH PASH!!!!!!! YAYYYY!!!!

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I just want to let you know i love you with all my heart <3

Your the most amazing boyfriend a girl could have, I’m very thankful to have you in my life. Your understanding, patient, loving, caring and always there whenever i need you. I can’t stop thinking about you, and every time i think of you and the times i have had with you it warms my heart! The feelings you give me are overwhelming.

 I love you Sean. xoxoxoxoxoxo

So just recently, there has been a bit of drama going on with work, and old friends. Rude comments spreading around about me. People thinking they know me well enough to judge me as a person. And my close friends have been telling me all these things they have been saying, but to be honest. It’s not bothering me. Why?

A) thats just a refelective of their personality. It has nothing to do with me. If they choose to talk about me and judge me, it just a reflective of their personality and shows what kind of a person they are.

B) Just because somebody says something, or post something on facebook, tiwtter, tumblr etc…. doesn’t mean its true. I know what is true, and that’s all that really matters.

C) Im not accepting their comments. People throwing comments at you are like people giving you gifts. If somebody gives you a gift, and you don’t accept it, it’s now theirs. Not yours. So when people say things about me, i don’t accept it and their comments are theirs.

Please watch this! My friend would really appreciate the support!

My dad Steve Hansen, an ex-cop, made this video after filing a complaint against the Okotoks RCMP to The Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP and the numerous incidents that followed. Constable McDermot has committed perjury. Constable Ludlow has committed perjury, and falsified statements and reports. Constables Tessier, Manuel, and Chang have also falsified statements and reports. Constable Ryan has violated rights under The Charter of Rights. One officer whose name we do not have has violated civil rights, attempted extortion, and tampered with and planted evidence. Constable DeGroot has assaulted minors, peeped in windows, uttered threats, disturbed the peace, and illegally searched and unlawfully confined minors.

Every single claim my father has made against these officers can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, with countless evidence and witnesses.

Nothing has been done about them.

He has contacted attorneys, QR77 Radio Calgary, our Alberta Ombudsman, our Legislative Assembly, our Members of Parliament, our Premier, and our town Mayor, and has either gotten no replies, empty promises to ‘look into it’, or told to speak with someone higher up.

The Chief Crown Prosecutors Office informed him that their office would not file a charge against the RCMP no matter what the crime or how solid the evidence was.

The Solicitor General’s Office said the Commission should have done a third-party investigation, which they still have not done.

These Okotoks RCMP officers have abused our rights and freedoms. And they think they have also become Judge and Jury. They should NOT be getting away with this.

When he first filed the complaint, all he wanted was for them to admit that the initial incident was a bunch of rookie trainees (which it was) that got a little ahead of themselves. He just wanted an apology to the Holy Trinity Academy students that were involved. The harassment that we had to deal with for a period of time following was completely ridiculous.

**Edit, May 4** He did not file the complaint against those members of the RCMP because of a noise ticket he got during the first football party my brother held for his team. That was the ‘initial incident’ (during which they did not follow protocol). He filed it after the constant harrassment that ensued beginning with my brother and his teammates and other friends and then eventually me and my friends after that incident.

He is looking for an attorney to file a civil suit against these criminals. It can be filed for any amount of money. He doesn’t want a penny of it, he just wants some honesty and justice.

He can be contacted at

It is hard to come across people these days that you can actually trust. Even some of your friends you can’t completely trust. Close people that you thought you could count on for anything. Reality is, the only person you can trust is yourself…the only person you can depend on is yourself. You are the only person in the whole entire world that has complete control over yourself.People may seem like they are there for you benifits, but really..they are looking out for only themselves.

It sucks because i have had so many people in and out of my life…thinking that they were going to be a permanent residence in my life. Friends that i have been so close to…traveling all over the world, spending late nights laying looking at the stars, and talking about life and pulling eachother together, and just being with eachother and enjoying the time knowing we weren’t alone. But in a instant they left.

I had a boyfriend that i thought we were going to be together forever. I bought us an apartment, we lived together, i bought us both a cell phone, landline, internet, payed electricy bills, bought grocerys, cleaned the house, cooked supper for him and our company. Worked my ass away ..why? because i had faith in our futur and trusted our relationship. Thought that one day in the futur it would pay off.. But it didn’t. It got me nothing but debt.

Moral of that little story is, you can’t depend on anybody but yourself. You need to look out for number one (You) and if you meet somebody that can be in your life while your living your life, then thats perfect. But don’t go out of your way to the point where it’s going to effect you negatively just to help somebody else out.